Who We Are

Nic & Talv

With 10+ years of experience each, Nic & Talv have accumulated a wealth of knowledge that allows them to easily adapt to the needs of a range of clients.

We are really passionate about bringing joy and longevity to your wardrobe, which is why we started TN Tailors in 2017. Our aim is for you to truly appreciate and love the clothes you own and buy, by personalising them to you. This could be as simple as a small adjustment to a new pair of trousers, to as complex as a complete revamp of a loved classic. We provide all our customers with a luxury and personalised experience, visiting a tailor can sometimes feel intimidating especially if you're new to having your clothes altered but at our studio in Leyton you have no reason to be nervous, you can change in total privacy and be seen by just one person.

We don't just do alterations for private customers. Since 2012 we have worked alongside Polo Ralph Lauren as tailors to Team USA and travelled with them to the Summer and Winter Olympics every two years to make sure they look their best at the Opening and Closing Ceremonies. We've worked with some of the worlds greatest athletes including NBA, Track and Field, Snowboard and Skiing Stars. If you like your sports closer to home you will also find us on the side lines of Wimbledon every year since 2014. We fit and tailor every Umpire Outfit that you see on court.